Tuesday, September 22, 2015

As I was saying before I was interrupted...

Hello lady and gentleman, how are you?

Oh, OK.

Me? Oh, I'm doing all right. Thank you for asking!

Anyway, there's a blog called Fist of B-List that I think is just swell. It covers chopsocky flicks that you (read: Me) most likely ran into at a video store (remember those?) or on standard definition cable television back in the good ol' days. In honor of the blog's fifth anniversary, I polluted it/contributed a piece regarding one of my favorite DTV/limited theatrical release kickpunchers, Angel Town.

If you've never heard of Angel Town, then I feel sorry for your mother. But hey, invite me over and I'll gladly bring over my DVR-R of my VHS copy so you can deal with my non-stop commentary and excited body language while you try to watch it. If you can't do that, well at least there's a trailer.

So there it is. Now how about you do me and the nice folks at Fist of B-List a mitzvah and click over there right now?