Sunday, May 2, 2010

They tried charging me for the basket so I could carry the DVD's to my car with it. I said Fuck That Shit and carried them in my arms like a cheap-ass bastard champ, baby.

I had just finished watching both City Island and La Mission at my local AMC, when my friend sent me a text about his neighborhood Blockbuster Video. It was closing down for good in about an hour and they were selling the rest of their stock for $1 each. I picked up the last available basket and overflowed that shit; people were looking at me sideways, fat fuck like me sweating profusely with trembling arms carrying what eventually amounted to 62 movies. I overheard someone at the store say they weren't charging tax either, which I found out was bullshit when I got to the counter. Whatever, it wasn't that big a difference and the movies were still damn cheap. Funny how it works; half of these flicks I'd probably never even bother renting, but as Mike tweeted, "at $1/DVD, that's cheaper than renting it and it's due back: NEVER". So there you go -- my justification for all of this crap.

(Movies I've seen before are italicized, just because)
  1. A Mighty Wind
  2. Adventureland
  3. Air America (not the dead liberal radio station, but starring awesome actor Robert Downey Jr. and awesome anti-Semite Mel Gibson)
  4. Babylon A.D.: Raw and Uncut (I saw this in the theater and actually kinda liked it)
  5. Beer For My Horses (morbid curiosity with this shit)
  6. Blue State
  7. Bug (William Friedkin)
  8. Bundy
  9. Corn (weird fuckin' cover enticed me)
  10. Crank 2: High Voltage
  11. Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
  12. Expired (wonderfully fucked up flick)
  13. Fail Safe (Clooney and pals TV remake)
  14. Finishing the Game
  15. Henry Poole is Here
  16. I Know Who Killed Me
  17. I’m Not There
  18. Interview
  19. Junebug (Amy Adams!)
  20. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  21. Living & Dying
  22. Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing and Charm School
  23. Mighty Peking Man
  24. Mirrors (I swear I didn't pick this one, counter dude must've of stealthed that shit into my selection)
  25. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Amy Adams!)
  26. Monument Ave.
  27. Moonlight Serenade (Amy Adams!)
  28. My Bloody Valentine 3-D (I have 3-D glasses at home)
  29. New Blood
  30. Nobel Son
  31. Once
  32. Post Grad (Alexis Bledel!)
  33. Postal (I understand this is a rare decent flick by Dr. Uwe Boll)
  34. Red Siren (Asia Argento!)
  35. Reindeer Games: Director's Cut (did John Frankenheimer get fucked over by the Weinsteins, or was this movie always shitty? I'll find out soon enough.)
  36. Reno 911: Miami Unrated
  37. Romeo Is Bleeding
  38. RPM (a car movie re-written by drunk driving expert Roger Avary)
  39. She’s So Lovely
  40. Skipped Parts
  41. Smart People
  42. Something Wild
  43. Standing Still (Amy Adams!)
  44. Stupid Teenagers Must Die! (awesome title)
  45. Supergirl: International Cut
  46. The Best of Youth (like I'm gonna watch this 6-hour movie again -- great flick, though)
  47. The Brothers Bloom
  48. The Descent
  49. The Deviants
  50. The Girl Next Door (the Ketchum book version, not the Elisha Cuthbert/porn star one)
  51. The Good Life (Zooey Deschanel!)
  52. The Island of Dr. Moreau (fuckin' Brando with an ice bucket on his head)
  53. The Ladykillers (you brought your bitch to the waffle hut?)
  54. The Last Winter
  55. The River Wild (Kevin Bacon's sweet ass!)
  56. The Spirit (for a $1, I'll consider finding out if it's really THAT bad)
  57. The TV Set
  58. Too Smooth (1998 flick w/Neve Campbell and vehicular homicider Rebecca Gayheart)
  59. Tropic Thunder: Director's Cut
  60. Welcome to the Grindhouse: Black Candles/Evil Eye
  61. What Just Happened (DeNiro/Levinson) 
  62. Zero Effect