Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Dig Your Blog

Erin over at In It For The Kills has chosen me and 4 other people better than me to receive the "I Dig Your Blog" award, and I'm grateful for that, so thank you, Erin.

Part of the deal with receiving said award is that I have to post 3 facts about myself, so here I go:

1) Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut. I had to settle for being a space cadet. 

2) My first pet was a cat that I named "General", after homecat from Stephen King's Cat's Eye. There were no trolls in our household, to my knowledge, but if there were any, I'm sure the General took care of those motherfuckers.

3) I almost got kicked out of high school in my sophomore year, as a result of suffering from a severe case of Punching Motherfuckers In The Face, which I had shown early signs of since the 5th grade (I also managed to get suspended on my 2nd day of 6th grade for said symptoms of PMITF). I was not a bully, though, let's get that straight, just way-too-fucking sensitive about being fucked with, and I guess I had a very Please Fuck With Me aura about me. It did not help that I already knew how to box (from my father) and I studied taekwondo (from some Korean), in fact, this got me further into trouble, because it's one thing to haphazardly bomb fists on some asshole, but it's another to work an actual combo on the attempted Lunchable stealer. That shit gets the authorities involved, with their judgmental asses. 

But hey, as a result of being part of the GATE program, I was able to finish and graduate with my class by doing this Independent Study thing, which meant I only had to attend school twice a week and it felt like I won the goddamn lottery (saw a lot of flicks with my free time) -- although in exchange for that (and not being expelled), I had to go see a therapist about my PMITF. My first meeting with the therapist, he compared my handshake to that of a dead fish. By the way, I'm an idiot nowadays, GATE don't mean shit. Anyway, here's a completely unrelated video clip of a man and his dog, because I have no where else to share this: 

The other part of this I Dig Your Blog deal is that I have to pass this award to 5 other blogs (that I dig). I completely understand if the following people don't take part, Life can keep a motherfucker busy and all that, but for the record, here they are:

Cat's Blog - It was her blog that originally got me interested in doing one of my own. She's always been very nice to me, despite evidence proving to her that perhaps she shouldn't be. 

Don't Pet Me, I'm Working - Met an awesome St. Bernard named Phoebe at the Aero Horrorthon, and this is the blog belonging to her awesome owner, Lauren. 

The Projector Has Been Drinking - Marc Edward Heuck's blog. One of the most awesome things he ever did was give me a You Gotta Be Kidding Me look when I asked him if they accepted credit cards at the Nuart, while standing right in front of a goddamn credit card machine. What can say, I ask stupid questions and he was rather exasperated with the drunken Big Lebowski crowd that night.

Fist of B-List - Karl Brezdin's tight site about the kind of shit a motherfucker like me grew up watching, I'm talking Cynthia Rothrock flicks, Jeff Wincott punch-kickers, Don "The Dragon" Wilson kick-punchers, anything featuring Matthias Hues getting owned in the end. 

Colonel Mortimer Will Have His Revenge - I just happened to visit his cool movie site one day and noticed he linked to my blog on his blogroll. He didn't have to do that, especially since I didn't know. How about that, he just did it because I think he liked it. Well, I like your blog too, bro. In fact, I dig it.

I didn't link any Tumblr blogs, because I didn't want to fuck up their shit by forcing them to change their photo-blogs with some written shit like mine. But yeah, check out Phil Blankenship's Video Maniacs tumblr blog, if like me, scoping out VHS tapes gives you the same feeling one usually gets when looking at an attractive woman. OK, that's it.