Saturday, December 11, 2021

Maybe even a *little* better this time.

One of my favorite podcasts that doesn't make me wish I can go over and throat-punch the hosts is Trick or Treat Radio, a weekly movie podcast that focuses on horror and genre fare. The episodes usually run anywhere from 2 - 3 hours, with the first hour having a kind of morning radio vibe as they just talk about various things (usually pop culture related) while getting on each others' nerves. Then they move on to discuss that week's film, rating them as a Trick (bad) or Treat (good).

As a Patreon patron, I've been invited as a guest on their program, to discuss two movies of my choosing. My first time was last year, where we discussed Phantom Thread and Death Wish Club, and a couple of days ago I joined them for a second time to discuss the 1968 Mexican ghost story Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo (aka Even the Wind is Afraid) and the 1978 thriller The Silent Partner

You can listen or download the podcast by clicking this link. You also have the option to watch the archived live stream from that evening, where you watch as I nervously fidget in my chair, drink coffee & bourbon from a New Beverly Cinema mug I received after a Dario Argento all-night movie marathon, straight bourbon from a glass, and just plain water from another glass. I also make things uncomfortable for them with my asshole sense of humor, as is my wont. But overall I had a good time. 

We get into vague spoilers on the Mexican film, but kinda skirt them for the Canadian one, so if you haven't seen either one, perhaps you should. They're both good films, so you should watch them anyway; Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo is currently on Tubi (at least in the United States), and The Silent Partner is available to stream on most of the major sites and is also available on Blu-ray (again, I can only speak for Murican availability).

My apologies for the occasional sound of my fuckin' nose breathing into the microphone, by the way. I was on some Sweet Dee doing open mic stand-up shit with that, which makes sense because she's my spirit animal whenever I have to do public appearances like this -- it's also why I opened with "Howdy howdy howdy" like she did -- and so it makes sense that I also nose-breathed into the mic like her as well. All that's left for me is to dry heave like her as well. I'll probably save that for my third appearance.