Sunday, January 29, 2023

Onion bagel, extra butter.

Had a fairly busy week of podcasting -- not my podcast, of course, I'm too wishy-washy for that, but I do have a couple ideas on the ever-cooling back-burner.

But in the meantime, I did appear as a guest on the Watch/Skip+ podcast, hosted by The Cinemasochist (Justin) and Cupcake (Jose), to cover the new release Missing. I like their format of splitting up their reviews into non-spoiler and spoiler sections, and I enjoy the energy and positivity of the hosts, so I was more than happy to ruin all of that. Click here to give it a listen. 

Later that week, I had my latest Patreon Takeover episode of Trick or Treat Radio, the horror-themed (but not strictly limited to that genre) podcast, in which I've written about before, and have programmed previous takeover episodes. This time, I had the TOTR crew watch 1993's Blood In Blood Out (aka Bound by Honor) and 1971's Unman, Wittering and Zigo, and we discussed them while I got properly liquored up without getting too sloppy.  You can click here or you can watch the video feed below: 

Anyway, I have a new blog/podcast posting coming up sometime before the heat death of the universe.